Acne - What You Need To Know

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Sadly the demand for life’s instant results is leaching into all corners of our lives, and it’s the same with acne treatment when sufferers are forced to wait they abandoned the process.

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What You Need To Know

The skin condition of acne commonly occurs in most people at one point or another in their lives.  It causes various types of blemishes to appear on or underneath the skin’s surface.  It can make people very frustrated and even self-conscious about the way they look.

  • Acne Disease Detail #1: The Causes of Acne; oil and dead skin cells block the pores of the skin and allow bacteria to grow.  This is what causes the blemishes to appear that are linked with acne.  Sebaceous glands feed oil into the hair follicles and this oil is beneficial to the hair and skin to keep both supple and healthy.  However, over time too much oil could build up, along with an accumulation of dead skin cells in these same follicles.  This could help bacteria to grow and the follicles to become inflamed.  When the hair follicles become inflamed, the various blemishes linked with this skin condition start to appear and if untreated can swiftly develop into severe cystic acne.
  • Acne Disease Detail #2: Regularly Washing the Affected Skin; gently cleaning your skin twice a day is helpful in clearing acne, but will not vanquish all blemishes.  You will also need to use acne products or medications to treat the affected area to ensure that the blemishes are diminished in appearance, if not totally removed.  Many products are sold in stores today for this purpose, or if your case is severe enough, you will need to consult a dermatologist for prescription medication.
  • Acne Disease Detail #3: Acne is more Prevalent in Puberty; during puberty, hormones levels are high and this encourages the sebaceous glands to make more oil (sebum).  This is one reason that teens have acne at a much higher rate than adults do.  Typically, hormone levels go down once the early 20s are reached.
  • Acne Disease Detail #4: A Diet that Helps Acne; there is no one diet that is an effective acne treatment or that prevents it from happening. You can keep a food diary to track you intake of foods to see if one food affects your breakouts more than other ones do.  This is a very individual thing, so there is no list of good or bad foods at this time.  There is ongoing research in this area being performed.
  • Acne Disease Detail #5: Best Cleansers to Use; there are special antibacterial cleansers that help you remove the bacteria from acne specially developed for home treatment.  This keeps it from spreading to other skin areas.  They also help to lessen the inflammation.  There are other acne solutions too that should be used along with the cleansers such as toners and oil-free moisturizers.
  • Acne Disease Detail #6: Dermatologist Advice to Get Rid of Blemishes; if your breakout of blemishes is minor to mild, you may find relief in over-the-counter solutions from the drugstores.  However, when these methods are not satisfactory at diminishing the blemishes, a dermatologist should be contacted, as he is the expert on this type of skin condition.  He has a whole list of further treatments you can try to bring your acne under control ranging from topical medications to laser treatments.
  • Acne Disease Detail #7: Squeezing a Blemish helps Faster Healing; squeezing a blemish will not help it heal faster.  In fact, it could spread the bacteria to other parts of your skin.  Also, by opening the blemishes up to the air, they could become infected if dirt or germs into the open sores.  This could make the breakout much more severe and harder to clear from your skin.

These are just some valuable details and facts you need to understand more about acne and help you rid yourself of unsightly blemishes.

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Urgent Action Needed

How exciting your prom, wedding or date with just the right person can be.  How devastating is the final glance in the mirror, as you get ready only to see a huge zit right there on your face.

It has driven the strong at heart to tears on more than one occasion.  You try many different things to make it disappear.  You squeeze, poke and prod, but it will not go away, you start losing patience.

The only option that you have is to minimize the times that these acne flare-ups can happen.

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If these flare-ups occur frequently, it may be possible that a visit to a physician or a dermatologist will become necessary.  This can be costly, but worth it.

There are a few time tried home solutions that may be considered before the condition worsens.  Acne treatment is vital for affected teens and adults:

  • Remedy Tip #1: Honey; did you know that it has been used as an acme treatment as far back as time is remembered? It is rumored that it dates back as far as 2500 BC. Honey has strong antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. It can kill the bacteria that surround those big red zits on your face. It will not clear them up in an hour, but when used with some consistency, it has been known to work. The honey should be unprocessed and unheated. This can be found at most health food stores. A pea-sized dab placed on the spot and left for about fifteen minutes is all you have to do. This should be done several times each day, until the spot is gone.
  • Remedy Tip #2: Salicylic Acid; is a widely used treatment for acne that generally contains benzoyl peroxide.  The plain and simple aspirin is amazingly similar to this.  Its chemical name is acetylsalicylic acid.  While most people think of taking aspirin by mouth, it can also be used topically.  Ground up and mixed with a drop or two of water, you will have a compound that may help with your acne spots.  Do not use a coated aspirin for this. Once the mixture is applied to the spot, allow it to dry.  This may take anywhere up to 10 minutes.  Follow the application with a rinse of lukewarm water.  Be firm yet gentle.  It probably will not disappear with one application.  Do this several times a day, or until the spot has disappeared.
  • Remedy Tip #3: Tea Tree Oil; their antibacterial properties are quite extraordinary.  Tea tree oil is very powerful, just as honey is.  It has been used to decrease scarring from acne and the inflammation surrounding it.  It has a strong eucalyptus aroma.  Due to the fact that the oil is very potent, it must me diluted.  Tea tree oil mixed with Witch Hazel is the preferred mixture.  The ratio is 10% tea tree oil and 90% Witch Hazel.  It should be applied nightly with a cotton swab.

In the event that none of these home treatments works on your acne spots, a consultation with a physician or dermatologist should be considered.  They will treat the condition with prescription topical or oral medications, or…

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Types Of Acne – What To Do

Is your daily apprehension from acne causing you to increasingly lose balance with yourself as a result of patiently waiting to find a reliable solution?

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What To Do

Those red pimples that form on the skin are called acne.  It is not a temporary issue, but one that is chronic.  It is a skin problem that can last for several years, especially among teenagers.  Acne can occur at any age, but is most prevalent in teenagers as the hormonal changes begin.

The cause of acne is blocked pores.  Your normal oils from your skin, overactive sweat glands, external pollutants or hormone changes can block them.  It does not depend on what you eat or wear.  Makeup can block the pores or the air in your neighborhood can contribute to it.  Superficial cleansing will not take it away.  It is necessary to deep clean to be effective.

By using home treatment products that your physician prescribes, the problem should subside in a few weeks.  There are topical creams, gels and ointments having benzoyl peroxide that can be applied as directed.  There are also medications that can be taken internally and gradually tapered off.  The most important step is getting the help that you need to clear the skin.

Dermabrasion is another method of treatment that can be done by a dermatologist or with one of the home dermabrasion kits.  These should not be used before consulting your physician.

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Types Of Acne

There are three types of acne.  Acne is usually on the face and upper parts of the chest and back.  Acne treatment needs to take all of these areas into consideration.

  • Category #1: Mild Acne; this type covers a few small spots and pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.  The whiteheads are bumps that appear then the pore is completely blocked.  They remain closed.  The blackheads will form when the pores are partly blocked.  When those bumps become inflamed and contain pus, the whiteheads or blackheads are infected.
  • Category #3: Moderate Acne; this can be classified as having ten to forty pimples that are infected.  They contain pus.
  • Category #3: Severe Acne; when there are more than forty hard, lesions or cysts, it is considered severe.  Cysts are closed pockets of skin that are filled with pus.  These pockets form deep in the skin. In order to prevent further infection or scarring, acne treatment must be initiated.  Scars will appear as dips in the skin and can be discolored.

When you seek professional help, your primary care physician will examine you for the type of skin you have.  Is it oily?  Are there blackheads, pimples, whiteheads or red areas on your skin?  Are there scars from previous onsets of acne?  If they are your primary care giver, they will know if you have received acne treatment in the past.

Who Gets It

Family history can play a part in acne.  Female patients may have acne because of birth control pills.  In that case, acne will worsen during your menstrual cycle.

If a child gets acne before puberty, the physician may perform skin tests.  If it occurs as an adult without other symptoms, skin tests may also be necessary.  Generally when it occurs during these times, it is due to an excess of hormones in the body.  This can be treated as well.

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